Transform Heavily Soiled and High Traffic Areas with a Deluxe Carpet Clean

Deluxe carpet cleaning is basically a combination of a steam clean and a dry carpet clean. It’s a super thorough carpet cleaning method for heavily soiled, high traffic areas. If your carpet has seen better days and has a multitude of stains across it, the deluxe carpet cleaning method is the one to choose.

The team at Independent Carpet Cleaning have been refreshing and fluffing carpets since 1994. Our highly trained team has extensive experience battling carpet stains and in-ground dirt meaning; no matter how soiled your carpet is – we will restore it to looking brand new!

Who Will Benefit from A Deluxe Carpet Clean?

If you own a residential, a rental or a commercial property, you could benefit from a deluxe carpet clean. It’s recommended to get your property steam cleaned at least once a year or after tenants leave a rental property. A deluxe carpet clean is the next level up and is recommended if your carpet has a high ratio of stains and lacks lustre.

  • Commercial properties with high amounts of traffic
  • A residential carpet that is home to pets or young children
  • A rental property when tenants have left the floors in a dirty state
  • Properties that have old, worn and not previously cleaned carpets
  • A carpet that has a large amount of deep stains

No Stain is a Match for Our Deluxe Carpet Clean

We offer 100% satisfaction with every carpet clean and we won’t leave until the job is done. If you have a highly worn and heavily stained carpet, the deluxe carpet clean can restore your carpet to its former glory.

Our prices are more than competitive and our cleaners are highly skilled and trained. We work with state of the art equipment and are well versed in how to remove any stain you can throw at us. You might think a stain is impossible to remove – not for us! Battling carpet grime is our life’s mission and we won’t stop until the job is done.

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