Our Different Types of Cleaning for Your Carpets

Carpet Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is “the wet clean”. Carpet can take slightly longer to dry but is generally considered to be a better deep down thorough method to clean your carpets and you can walk on it immediately.

The dirt is extracted from your carpets and you will enjoy a fully deodorised and sanitised refreshed carpet.

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Carpet Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning has its place in the carpet cleaning industry. It is a cleaning process that generally takes 1-2 hrs to dry but is considered to be more  of  a maintenance clean that compliments steam cleaning.

It has the advantage of drying slightly faster compared to steam cleaning however this method is not recommended for  heavily soiled areas.

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Deluxe Carpet cleaning

Deluxe cleaning is a combination of the above methods. i.e. both dry and steam cleaning. This service is recommended when the carpet is heavily soiled and stained.

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