Get a Deep Down, Fresh Clean with a Carpet Steam Cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning is a powerful, deep down cleaning system that extracts dirt and stains, leaving a fully deoderised, sanitised carpet. Carpet steam cleaning is the best option for carpets in high traffic areas due to its powerful results.

Steam cleaning works by injecting hot water into your carpet under high pressure. This water is then extracted out, pulling dirt and bacteria with it that is normally missed with general vacuuming. In-ground stains can be pre-treated to break down the surface tension that might have built up in the carpet.

The Benefits of Steam Carpet Cleaning

If you live in your own home or have a rental apartment, steam carpet cleaning will give your carpets the ultimate clean especially in a busy property. Aim to have your carpets professionally steam cleaned at the end of a tenancy or at least once a year. Steam cleaning will;

  • Remove trapped pollutants and deep down dirt
  • Help to eradicate dust mites
  • Banish mold growth
  • Lengthen the life of your carpet
  • Refresh, renew and restore carpet fluff
  • Eradicate hard to remove stains

Why Choose Independent Carpet Cleaning

The team at Independent Carpet Cleaning have been cleaning, sprucing and refreshing carpets since 1994. Offering the premiere carpet cleaning services in and around Adelaide, we guarantee 100% satisfaction on every job.

In-ground carpet stains, dull and lifeless carpets and hidden carpet dirt is no match for our team of expert carpet cleaners. We use state of the art steam cleaning equipment and products, combined with skilled methods to ensure you get a fresh, sanitised carpet that looks like new again!

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